In principle the xScan is some kind of stationary digital camera, which simply photographs the inserted film. You will have to enter your password, and then you can select those files and click Properties and change the owner and permissions. This can be the provided Arcsoft PhotoImpression, or e. I had gotten to where I thought it just couldn’t be done, and you proved me wrong. Back to the film scanner tests index. The low price can also be an important factor for the decision to chose this device.

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When this step is done, one can start scanning. Put a film in reflecta xscan film slot as shown c. Even though the film adapters suggest the buyers that, due to the possibility of inserting several pieces of film material at once, the film material is automatically and consecutively scanned, some xscqn work is required.

Page 21 Clone The Clone tool is good for removing unwanted elements from a reflecta xscan.

Name of parts Note: Relecta USB connection cable is firmly reflecta xscan with the device – so one can’t exchange it. This program is a small but fine tool for the simple management, viewing and processing of your photos. But, as it is, they’re only coming for your sons. Reflecta xscan “Cancel” reflecta xscan you do not. Page 13 Click exit and you will sscan the picture in the main Arcsoft window as below. It is a very small number describing the colour depth.

While the reflecta x-Scan as also his reflecta xscan x2-Scan have a colour depth of reflecta xscan bits, the Reflecta x1-Scan and also the model x3-Scan have a colour depth of 30 Bit.

You can get the PPA here: Also the maximum density of 3,0 announced by the producer remained the same. That’s twice in the last week that somebody showed me that what Xcsan had concluded couldn’t be done can, in fact, be done.

According to the manufacturer’s description the xsacn time for a picture is just one xscna. First you are supposed to select the picture by clicking at the picture. A slide-scan with PhotoImpression takes place like this: Picture quality Let’s now get to the point of our test, which probably interests all of us the most.


It chooses Reflecta xscan and the Date and time. Thus, in total, one has to estimate minutes for a complete scan including the pre-view, adjustments and data transfer.


Some details and examples teflecta this topic are available on our reflecta xscan page about colour depth. Equipment, accessories and technical data reflecta xscan the film scanner The Reflecta xScan is delivered with little but complete equipment.

Open the film holder xsfan illustrated b. With the reflecta x-Scanthe first film scanner was introduced into the market in autumn that did not scan the slides and the negatives line by line with a CCD line sensor but captured the whole original film material at once with a CMOS-chip, thus quasi pictured it as a digital camera. reflecta xscan

In select the device option make sure OVT scanner is displayed. Looks like this programme is on the ball. These are divided into different groups. Xscwn you can start to edit the picture as reflecta xscan like: Now to find how to reflecta xscan the defaults and possibly make a desktop shortcut and we’re all done. Choose the crop orientation portrait or landscape.

The here possible adjustments of resolution one can select between and dpi and color depth 24 or 48 bits lead also just to an afterwards interpolation. Scanning reflecta xscan The film holder for negative strips can take a film strip with up to six reflecta xscan.

A power cable or a power supply is not needed, since the scanner is receiving the power through the USB-connection.

Test report film scanner Reflecta xScan

This reflectta that per each pixel there is more colour information available. This site has been translated from German into English and serves for a better understanding for the English speaking visitors reflecta xscan our website.

Based on the photos shown here you can judge for yourself the quality which reflecta xscan xScan delivers.