We have worked with Qualcomm to fix some of these issues and their updated driver is on Windows Update. When windows is running it won’t let me use the manual pairing button that is on the dongle, i’m guessing that windows basically takes over the device and does not allow it. Would you like to participate? That was the problem exactly! Checking off the service for both the keyboard and mouse allowed Windows to automatically install them.

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Keyboard sleepmode would be less annoying if the first key pressed was recognized e. Hope the manufacturer will consider this option for their next update. Rocketfish bluetooth keyboard rf-btkb2, July 09, My rocketfish mouse works perfectly, but I had the same keyboard problems as Peter.

Rocketfish Wireless Multimedia Bluetooth Keyboard and Laser Mouse

The bluetootj thing worse than standing still and shooting in a first person shooter game is standing still for two seconds before you can shoot because by then either you are dead or the target is gone. The computer is one that I rocketfish bluetooth keyboard rf-btkb2 about 6 years ago. The fix worked for me too. Wednesday, August 07, 5: In reply to Datta Rajpure’s post on October 22, Here is a screen snap of the current condition with the device working.

Gf-btkb2 is just getting worse. Having the ability to scroll from left to right is not something that I would use everyday but I could definitely see that feature being useful.

Rocketfish Bluetooth Keyboard RF-BTKB2 not working under Windows 7 64 bit

Friday, October 23, The Rocketfish Bluetooth mouse worked just fine. Might this be scripted in XBMC? Left mouse button, Scroll wheel button, Right mouse button.

The lights in both devices should stop flashing after a rocketfish bluetooth keyboard rf-btkb2 and rocketfish bluetooth keyboard rf-btkb2 devices should now be paired in HID mode.

I dont rocketfissh about you but i thinki paid bucks for the pair so thats only 25 bucks a year Weight is not a huge factor because the majority of the time users will have the keyboard sitting on their desk but I often sit away from my desk a little and type on my lap, so even a tf-btkb2 ounces less is noticeable.

Rocketfish Universal Products for Consumer Electronics

Datta Rajpure replied on October 22, I would suggest you to install the drivers for the Bluetooth device for Windows 8 in compatibility rocketfish bluetooth keyboard rf-btkb2 and check if it works with Rocketfish bluetooth keyboard rf-btkb2 8. Message 1 of 4 6, Views. I looked at the XP drivers and they were Broadcom Message 2 of 4 6, Views. Windows 7 Ricketfish Compatibility. Thursday, December 10, 1: After about a year of use though, the sides of the mouse came unglued and you get sticky stuff all over your fingers.


Although, I have noticed that it will buffer about 11 keystrokes. These features include the basic three: By plugging that adapter in, the doorway to Bluetooth technology is opened on your computer.

Yup, that’s what I needed here as well. If your bluetooth bluehooth is auto-detected, do not install it. I uninstalled the drivers again, rebooted, then reinstalled.

About the same amount rocketfish bluetooth keyboard rf-btkb2 wake up time delay about two seconds, plus skipped key between which device you want to use. When you select add new bluetooth device Thank you so much! I also experienced the delays, but was dealing with it. I would really like to know what Todd Schiele is doing to get this to work on bit, cause this is really frustrating.

rocketfish wireless keyboard

The multimedia buttons are labeled with icons for easy identification. If there was no error on this page and if the device was not showing rocketfish bluetooth keyboard rf-btkb2 connected” rocketfish bluetooth keyboard rf-btkb2 you set this device as default Audio device? Wednesday, August 28, In reply to Datta Rajpure’s post on October 23, Three year old drivers are to old to be on a new keyboard.

The survey will appear here when you’ve completed your visit, so please do not close this window. Sign in to vote. IE the rf-btkg2 buttons, and web browsing features. Please reply with very detailed steps what window titles, error messages, and anything else keyboqrd seeing if it fails still. To utilize the functionality of these keys you have to do an extra installation step. Thursday, January 29, 9: Device manager could find the device, but I could never connect to it.

I just want to use my rocketfish bluetooth keyboard rf-btkb2. When I Add Device in Bluetooth it sees the keyboard but enlessly scans for it when I try to select and connect.