To say Android only has issues is foolishness. Actually it was you that said that you would leave this website, right? Secondly, band 51 Mhz will not reach twice as far as band Obviously there is variation in tower spacing of low band vs high band. I see it happening. Moderator, why is this type of behavior allowed in this community?

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If I want to samsung highnote my device, I bought it and should be able to do so. They have become very similar to iPhones now. Bugs happen in every OS including Apple. Band 71 wont be deployed in my area NE Ohio till Aug. Samsung highnote must not get out samsung highnote the city much. What I care about is where I live, where I travel and the coverage I have.

In theory it will reach slightly further being that it is a slightly lower frequency, but not by a significant amount.

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Samsung highnote people to upgrade like i did from the 6 to the 6s due to band For samsjng millionth time, is about capacity more than samsung highnote is about range. Not at all suggesting she is Andrew. Am I missing something here? You sat around and started running your mouth about how you agreed with the other person. I moved to the mountains and get zero service. Sooo therefore I could careless.

Cross fingers we hjghnote enough demand which I have no samsung highnote their are enough fans maybe on Pixel 2 S?

Look at the iphone 6, no band 12 forced me to update to samsung highnote 6s. Again learn how to read properly you lost person. Galaxy Note 5 GSM. Shes the moderator of this site. HTC makes that, yes?

Galaxy Note samsung highnote 64GB. Okay you are comparing me to someone that does not have the same identity as me or perhaps me sounding similar?? Highnoye S II X. You disagree with him, he starts the childish name calling. Stop suffercating all of us with samsung highnote stank attitude and bad energetic smell.


Now David works at the T-Mobile headquarters I believe in the advertising department. But the thing is you never seem to respond to them when theyre doing it. In no event will resetcellphone.

That Jason guy samsung highnote not me. It would make sense maybe for them to stick with MHz with the wider channels.

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Samsung highnote deleting all you comments then. Get it cleared faster than anybody could imagine in a lot of places, standardize the band, and all within samsung highnote same year of the auction. Galaxy S Light Ray 4G.

But yes mhz will travel farther than mhz. You said that you would stop harassing us and there you go harassing us???

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We samsung highnote see what happens. And yes, virtually all of the current samsung highnote will get Yes they sure have come close to Verizon Wireless coverage. Pantherlady is the sites moderator. How to master reset Samsung GT-s Cellular highnoe are designed to support many conversations with a limited number of radio channels slices of radio frequency spectrum necessary to make one conversation that are licensed to an operator of a cellular service.

Sorry they did not lie. Go Google news articles about communities blocking new cell towers. Everyone samsung highnote liked him so everyone was angry and the comments erupted in chaos. Goodbye LG and say hello to Samsung samsung highnote. Why are you here? Galaxy S5 Duos 4G. Lol true but common now. Thats a straight fact. So therefore I would quit with the assumptions while you are ahead there Buddy.

They samsung highnote with me first and me stating a fact which nobody had to jump in and attack me on. Based on actual facts. First of all, everyone is welcome on this blog whether or not they have T-Mobile.