It’s perfectly okay to post your YouTube video, blog, or kickstarter here. If your car enters the area of the white bars it will “crash. That’s right, force feedback in the freakin’ 80s! So the Video Driver’s an oddity? Here’s a closer look for anyone interested. Unlike other VHS consoles, and most video game consoles for that matter, Video Driver uses a mechanical element and a video. Javascript is required to view comments normally.

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Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. The games are all VHS so it is the same every single time you play.

Check KLOV forums for more sega tyco video depth discussion. Some vixeo you gets points in the game, the maximum number being Its not something “mainstream” collectors will go for- but there is a subset of collectors who seem to want all the footnotes of gaming history and they seem to pay well since things this old in a good condition box are not everyday finds.

Racketboy – Tons of excellent articles for collectors. Avoiding Fake Cartridges silburned’s guide on buying pokemon games.

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A closer look at Sega’s forgotten “Video Driver” game console

Be Part of the discussion. Sega tyco video right, force feedback in the freakin’ 80s! I am playing this by propping the track up on a box gideo sega tyco video of my PC monitor. To view the Official Game Collection Gallery, please visit our wiki page.

It’s complete in box and it’s very, very new sans wrapper. But the parts with lots of turns are neat. I’d love to see your collection sometime.


A closer look at Sega’s forgotten “Video Driver” game console – Album on Imgur

Submit a new text post. Here’s a closer look at the console with the segga wheel attached. DarkKobold’s Guide to why your Craigslist and Thriftstores suck. Now that’s something I haven’t seen in a long time, my friend also had sega tyco video gun slinger game that used VCR tapes. Okay, obviously this looks ridiculous on my 36″ Trinitron, but this is how it’s supposed to connect. It’s also used when the car needs to come to a stop in the game. The car track hangs from the fashioning implements which are secured by suction cups.

Batteries The console has no port for a power supply. sega tyco video

Your content is welcome. Since I’ve gotten into collecting, I wish I would’ve held onto it.


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It cannot work with a television that has a height of more than 17 inches. VGCollect – Made by our sega tyco video own MadK, this is a simple and sega tyco video tool to organize, track and database all of your games. It runs on four C batteries. Submit a new text post. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.