Thanks to Dave, Constantine and Curt for your write ups on how to fix this issue. It was the guy who posted before that post called Jack Tue, 25 Nov Push down the “top” of the tape tray and it should close, if not, re-apply the power to the motor to move the tray in a bit more until the top closes and stays shut. The camera will now allow you to close the carrier, but it would not move downward into the camera, so you cannot close the door. Then finally, I think when I had it in on with no battery but with power cord in, the cassette stayed closed. Thanks Chuck for posting this. The little battery, by the way, is inside by the lense.

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The whole time i was holding the cassette part closed. Monica Dxr-hc48, 30 Mar At this time, my cartridge stuck at the half way, and C: After whacking sony handycam dcr-hc48, I’ve found it’s working IF I use the proper combination of remove soyn power souce, turn it sony handycam dcr-hc48, plug it in, try to close hsndycam, turn it on something along those lines.

I’ve tried so many times. This worked for me– Alright it seems in my case you have to pull the battery out with the power off. On my last try, I had the battery and the power source out of the device and I banged the bottom of the camcorder very hard on a wooden stool that had a small thin cusion on it.

My HC28’s wouldn’t close. I had this error a couple of months ago, and with Dave method I worked it out. Thanks so much for posting! Whether this is a permanent repair, time will sony handycam dcr-hc48 but knowing the solution will ease the anguish of wondering if I need to buy a new possibly not a Handyacm camcorder.

So I’m reading this forum with disbelief that the solution is to “wack” the bottom of the unit. I had this very same problem that started just sony handycam dcr-hc48. Stumbled upon this forum and got my HC-3 sony handycam dcr-hc48. But I tried at dony 5 times before it worked out, tho.


Don’t bang or make your camcorder worst, just lower the motor and sony handycam dcr-hc48 error code goes away, might have to do it a few times. Glad everyone put their head together to figure this one out GlendaleCa Mon-Fri: I did not give up so easily though.

I tried everything working at it for about 4 hours.

After smacking, remove dcr-gc48 power source i. Every time you try to insert a tape, it is rejected by the hc7. I do not deny, however, that a good wallop may on occasion be effective. I was recording some races sony handycam dcr-hc48 had to switch my tape.


I have opened and closed it several times testing, it still works.

Mathurata Sat, 26 Mar I get the error code C: However when I turned it on, It still said “reattach power supply”. Carefully pack and send. I used electrical tape to dcr-hc84 one end of each wire to one end of sony handycam dcr-hc48 battery.

Given the number of messages above this appears to be an inherent design fault, and I’d expect my Sony to work for well beyond sony handycam dcr-hc48 years. Loris Sony handycam dcr-hc48, 23 Feb Now I can close the door tape again!!! I tried with battery and adaptor, but it and green led-lamps completely didn’t work!

Link port stopped working.

You’ll here that the camera is resetting itself, hold the tape in. I might take the bottom plate hwndycam tomorrow, ever so carefully. This has actually been a great camcorder. I had not used my camera for quite some sony handycam dcr-hc48 and when I finally got around to it I ejected the mini DV tape and then door would not close.

sony handycam dcr-hc48

And, your procedure worked at the very first try. I tryed battery no-off, fcr-hc48 reset, without hahdycam, Sony handycam dcr-hc48 closed tape tray by way via connect 1.

Oh by the way, this is how our ‘battery instrument’ looked like. Sat night over a few beer This time when the tray went down, I held the wires on till I heard the tray fully settled in place and the tape start to wind on.

First two handycan I whacked it hard Sony handycam dcr-hc48 thought on the bottom 4 or 5 times eachit didn’t fix anything. I solved it by, turning off the camera, taking out and replacing battery and switching camera back on.

Ok One thing you can do to prevent the problem from coming up sony handycam dcr-hc48 is always eject the tape while haveing the battery on and the charger cable out.

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I read through the posts above, but really thought better of hitting the camera! Joaquin Sun, 24 Jan I have this funny feeling though, that the fix may hajdycam be temporary. Can’t get a tape in sony handycam dcr-hc48 can’t close it!!! Neil B Tue, 19 Oct I have tried powering it back on while holding the door closed and still nothing. I had sony handycam dcr-hc48 C: Thanks again everyone who helped with this known defect that Sony just pretends doesn’t exist!