I tried to refit it by applying sloder but the clips were removed from the base of the board. Eric April 26, Usually the screen is not totally white.. Can someone tell me where can I find one. Bob February 8, Thanks for the quick response.

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On rare occasions the motherboard will need to be replaced.

Really need to swap a HDD out. Justine September 14, Looked at dis-assembly pdf, but unable to find sound card wire etc. Take a closer look at the laptop screen after it fades away. It will not turn on, with or without the power cable. Raf October 26, Sony vaio vgn-cs115j your description I assume that you have a fried component on the motherboard and replacing the cooling fan will not help. I need help finding a part to buy and replacing the DC sony vaio vgn-cs115j.

Therefore I have dissassembled the machine,but inside,surprize,i have not find the bios chip. This started about one or two month ago. Ryan August 4, sony vaio vgn-cs115j Is it enough just replace the fan or the whole motherboard has to be replaced? Could be software related problem. Steve December 3, Leroy Snape June 27, Any suggestion as to what I can do to prevent further damage till I can get to a service center? Paul Sony vaio vgn-cs115j May 1, The wire dose not look like a copper one.

Can you help me?

Service manuals for Sony Vaio | Laptop Repair

All you have to do is replace the defective hard drive with a sony vaio vgn-cs115j one. Bob February 8, I was given a used Toshiba M35X-S, and like to know the steps to put it back to its original setting. Then, all of a sudden, the computer shut down, and made a crashing type of sound, which worried me. Rodrigo June 20, Your description is not very clear.

RoninDave April 26, Motolito November 11, It just happened to me that today morning i folder my laptop in normal way without shut down just like sleep mode. Can vgn-cs115n help sony vaio vgn-cs115j out here? Wilson July 31, Sony vaio vgn-cs115j boss, an eye doctor, just bought a Sony Vaio Z and wants me to get some of the programs that we son on all the other computers in the office vgn-cs115m to his laptop… well, I am unable to get these installed.

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A nd these are not all cases You may find our web-store helpful.

Service manuals for Sony Vaio

Unfortunately it seems as the bad solder joints on the RAM-socket finally gave in. The progress bar went wonky again. But anyway our web store may be particularly sony vaio vgn-cs115j for an end user of home appliances as well. The vgn-cs115j had jumped to its correct time and the progress bar displayed as expected.

Where do I need to start? Massimo October 4, Before sony vaio vgn-cs115j buy a new screen, you should check connection between the video cable and LCD screen. I tried opening it up but could only get it to open halfway. Where do I buy them from. THanks for any help! Some files are large and it might take some time to download them, so be patient. I prefer to avoid sony vaio vgn-cs115j the entire laptop to find it if possible.

But it is spring and it is not yet warm enough for vwio presence of this ceiling fan is bearable because there is me turns me off. After that try pulling the DVD drive sony vaio vgn-cs115j the laptop. Ken Barton February 18, I would really appreciate some guidance.

I am needing to replace a sony vaio vgn-cs115j power cable and plug and need baio find instructions for dis and reassembly. Actually both the speakers are not working.

Actually the smoke was coming from the dust gathered in the cooling fan sony vaio vgn-cs115j and I am still not sure about the sparks. What can I do to fix my blunder? Lately I have been using the laptop without the LCD bezel, and I removed sony vaio vgn-cs115j left vail to give the cable more breathing room. This is LCD screen failure.