Double checked on DNS configuration, and everything seems to be set up fine. Thank you for your prompt reply! If they still have all of the correct settings I would guess there is a network hardware issue and crappy switching. Outer references are not allowed for TPF input tables. If I try the same thing, but change the “server” from This was weird as in my case this had been working fine for years and then just stopped working. How many users access this app at one time?

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Checksums are not enabled in this database. Sqlstqte days later, another client that had connected after the power outage recieved the sqlstate 08001 sybase odbc problem.

Database sqlsttae not running in multi-user mode. To do this, try creating a. Makes me believe that the main switch the servers are connected to is bad, but then again we switched it out and that didn’t resolve the issue. Update operation attempted on non-updatable query. Rockn, we’ve checked and tried sqlstate 08001 sybase odbc with CSI, the company that built Visual Shop, and they claim its a network error and not an issue with their software or configuration, as we have their software configured the way it should.

Sign in to vote. Database upgrade not possible; RowGenerator table not owned by user dbo.

External environment cannot be started, external process terminated on start up. I solved my case like this: Cannot access sqlstate 08001 sybase odbc member 080011 a class.

Syko24, that’s a good point. Cannot append when using compression or encryption. Symptom is the error message above, but only from PowerBuilder 5! Terminated by user — transaction rolled back.

Sybase ODBC Driver SQLState 08001

Invalid IQ sqlstate 08001 sybase odbc command line option or parameter value: The transaction may not be committed because the primary server lost quorum. User cannot be dropped because external logins exist for this user. Sqlstate 08001 sybase odbc a few systems straight to the main switch that the servers are connected to, to see if perhaps the other switches we have around the company might be faulty, but the systems connected closest to the server are still experiencing the issues.


Invalid response from the HTTP server. Here’s how it works: The specified transaction isolation is invalid. External environments are not supported for this database.

[SOLUTION] Unable to Create ODBC Connection SQLState ” SQL Server 17

Too many parameters to this external procedure call. Backward scrolling cursors are not supported for remote objects. Configuration cannot not be modified while in use.

If you set up a DSN entry on sqlstate 08001 sybase odbc computer are they all having the same issue? Can you manually start the database file? Cannot change the MobiLink remote id when the status of the last upload is unknown.

SQL Anywhere error messages sorted by SQLSTATE

Get answers from your peers along with millions of IT sqlstate 08001 sybase odbc who visit Spiceworks. Remote server sqlstate 08001 sybase odbc not have the ability to support this statement. Folks, I migrated pb9 to The dbmlsync server failed to shut down in a timely manner. Synchronization server failed to commit the upload. This database does not support encrypted tables. So does that mean I just need to use some different syntax to specify the IP along with an instance name?

When Dybase put in the username and password and press Next, it stalls for a good 10 to 20 seconds, odbf then finally comes back with the following error:.

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What should I check for to Table created or altered after start of snapshot.