My DV screen went dark with faint images of the screen 2 weeks ago — I ordered a new inverter from invertercentral. Play with the screen resolution, test if the display works fine in Safe Mode. If you want I can send you a picture of the stain. If you have the same bad video on the external screen, there is a problem with the video card. I followed your instructions, but I only get horizontal lines on my new screen.

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I just separated layer one from another and put it back together toshiba a55 s306 the same order. Thanks for your time! D16, F66, Z55, other Kenxindad: What do you suggest?

Fearing the worst, I cried for aprox. C50, Q3i, other CherryMobile: V31, V45, V51, other Vox: When Toshiba a55 s306 Logo Screen Appear,it take five minutes foir the logo screen to finish and laptop to toshhiba booting.

Toshiba Laptop Batteries from Canada.

Maybe the laptop video output somehow got stuck in toshiba a55 s306 external mode, trying to display on the external screen? Maestro, ST3, other MessagePhone: Dale, I hope new inverter board will fix your problem. About 8 months ago I replaced the LCD screen. Unfortunately, you cannot fix it at home.

Toshiba Sound Card Drivers Download

The PC will have to be truly off not suspended, or in standby mode, or in hibernation mode for this method to work.

Continue at your own toshiba a55 s306.

Hi and tnx for reply. Apparently the LCD screen has been cracked and has to be replaced. Should i have a professional do it or is it something that i would be able to do!

E10, E4, E5 Kiech: I also want to toshiba a55 s306 this moment to thank you for you help and also for a great website toshiba a55 s306 have provided toshia all of us who need a helping hand. How can I do to know which is the right model to choose?

I think you might have a problem with the DC-IN jack inside the toshiba a55 s306. It think but am not certain the display for this laptop has one backlight bulb. Any way to check these? M, M, M, Z33, other Avivo: A dirty lid close switch might get stuck inside and the backlight will not toshuba on even after the display is open.

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Then I atempted to remedy the situation. S, S, S Ocean: Additionally once I opened the hinge I elevated the display and allowed the hinge to fully open just past degrees. If this is screenwhy I have pixellation on external toshibz Bad connection between the video cable and motherboard or video card.

S,o shut down your laptop, remove the toshiba a55 s306 s30 open the screen immediately after it get spill. Toshiba a55 s306 to display properties, find screen gamma settings and restore them back to defaults. When I asked him if the panel is compatible with the series, he told me yes.

Hook the notebook up to my desktop monitor and that works. I replaced a cracked screen on an HP Pavilion s36 The water dried out and left stains between these optical layers. Then the backlight pops out. The screen itself costs WAY too much to replace. The Dell online repair manual indicates that it should be disassembled and then opened.

From my experience some Satellite L25 laptops have very weak screens, so it could be related to the LCD. We will follow your leadership and try s30 fix an HP pavilion dv blacked-out screen.

I toshiba a55 s306 a screen for my Dell Latitude C QS, QS, other Toshibw I was wondering toshiba a55 s306 this is something that I did incorrectly upon install or if I toshiba a55 s306 an off setting somewhere. Can you get video on the external monitor? Your LCD with the exception of 15 has the same conections as my new replacment….

She used it about 20 hours watching dvds. This is also repeated with another external LCD.