I can hear the fan, the hard drive spin-up, and the DVD accessing, but absolutely nothing on the screen. That is a steal!!!!! It worked perfectly for me. However, that disassembly guide only shows up to the top cover removal. The last picture shows base assembly for a Satellite PD.

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Any clue as to why I have identical problems with two laptops when the inside of one seems to be fine? Could be bad power cable on the AC adapter or bad DC jack. Toshiba portege m900 dis assembly and power jack and re assembly went great. However, I have seen the same results with all of the dc jacks. Plenty of room to fit it.

Make sure you get none in the actual socket. After all was said and done — the repair as you wrote it works great! Clean up contacts toshiba portege m900 the jack.

I have an A satellite laptop. If any Toshiba employee is reading this, your company is a scam. I can hear the toshiba portege m900 running. You saved my wifes computer…. I think it should last for a long time. The housing was intact enough to allow this. Toshiba portege m900 knurled part of the toshiba portege m900 got marks from my pliers. I had performed this on a Satellite A laptop, and it worked to some extent. Well just wanted to report back that I did take out the battery and tried the power cord again.

I really like to do this but I am afraid to make it worse. I think i know what it is. I simply put a spacer between the back of the Toshiba jack and the speaker housing; which basically forces the jack toshiba portege m900 its mounts and removes any possible movement. Vodafone V hard reset Vodafone v hard reset. Most likely the plastic groove which holds the DC jack in place is weak and will fail again. But this info, and the specific part number to use, were perfect.


Successfully replaced DJ jack on a L with little difficulty. Amilo Fujitsu Esprimo: Oh thank you sooooo much! Hi, does anyone know if this would work on a Pc9? I do know that the low battery light blinks when I press the power button. Hey i did this fix on my l all charges ok now.

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F6 are small; F3 are tiny. Removing that hidden screw under the memory slot lid toshiba portege m900 the trick — it popped right out! I was about to give up because I had screwed the part in and soldered already. Undo the porfege cap-head screw holding the memory cover in the toshiba portege m900, open it and remove the single F6 screw that it reveals. Fixed the DC jack with no problem. The Satellite LD laptop has a larger case and fitting a new jack in should be a problem.

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No broken plastic or anything. I was able to fix mine easily. Thanks and keep up the good work. Once again, thank you for the site.

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And then a description of how to remove the flex connectors would also have been helpful…. Followed the directions and it works perfectly.

Thanks for the great guide on fixing this very common problem with Toshiba laptops. There appears to be no damage to the motherboard. The model is LS