March 6, at 2: October 19, at 7: Did you test your laptop with an external monitor? The battery is being charged etc. Same problem here with an HP nc November 17, at

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Laptop turns on for a moment and shuts down | Laptop Repair

Some laptop models user thermal grease and some use thermal pads. Yes, it can cause the problem. Thanks for your very helpful site! Press on the power button while all toshiba satellite a205 s5825 removed and keep it pressed for satsllite seconds.

This is coming from a fellow computer repair person. I have been told that the CMOS battery could be dead. I do what your say in this page but still the same problem. If the system works in basic configuration, I start adding toshiba satellite a205 s5825 one by one until the laptop fails again.

Zak August 17, Did you test the AC adapter? April 14, at 3: Test the laptop with only one memory module installed.

Remove laptop battery, hard drive, DVD drive, wireless card and try turning it on again. February 16, at I have started it without the hard drive, without the graphics card, and without the DVD drive, just in case one of these were s58255 and were causing a boot malfunction. Remove hinge covers toshiba satellite a205 s5825 you can and keyboard.

Thank you for your comment. This problem happened on same laptop before 2 month.

Laptop turns on for a moment and shuts down

If the same problem appears, I would say you have a motherboard problem. Do you know of a suitable replacement that could, if necessary, be adapted to this motherboard? Remove the battery 3. Recently last day or so, some toshiba satellite a205 s5825 things have been happening at startup, including the startup-5 seconds-shutdown with no video screen at all.

Did toshiba satellite a205 s5825 actually open up the display assembly and reseat the video cable on the back of the LCD screen, not just on the motherboard?


Just satellitte small update, one year later. Keep this pads shorted while the laptop turning on.

Toshiba Laptop Chargers

Till I read this original post and thought perhaps the screen is not being detected and therefore causing a boot problem. My satellitee toshiba satellite a205 s5825 right away without any issue. Hello repair man i bought this laptop used and did not notice that it needed a boot password i can not load into anything not even to load a satelilte disc the labtop is Compaq nc ive tried to hard reset the machine taking the rtc battery out it does not toshiba satellite a205 s5825, can this be possable because the rtc battry is dead for it not to clear bios.

The CMOS battery finders says: Sometimes I can use the netbook for several minutes then it reboots again. I am definitely going to try that route to narrow down satellitd problem. The computer did not appear to get hotter than normal, and I use this laptop satfllite hours usually…. I had it repaired about 10 months ago.

November 4, at 1: So I naturally I have a doorstop, that is sitting there, now at this stage I have disassembled the NX, and I am wondering if it is salvagable, toshia either shorting the battery out, or using the jumpers to reconfigure this computer, or even flashing the bios completely.

Eyolf, Not sure what is causing the problem, probably you still have a loose connection somewhere inside the toshiba satellite a205 s5825.

Company Info About ideal-battery. Billy September 3, It seems the laptop is very sensitive.