What is your reason for replacing the RTC battery? We also noticed that with Thinkpad T21 a video failure very often is related to the video cable, so if you decide to open up the laptop yourself you can swap the cable too. Now about the motherboard itself. The laptop was dismantled. January 6, at

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Without CMOS battery you will not be able to save settings date, time, etc… but the laptop should start.

CMOS battery also know as RTC battery

Most likely they will clear the password at no charge. Apparently you have a problem toshiba satellite m45 s165 the video memory. Simon, Two bad VGA cables in a row — not very likely, but still possible. Display cable motherboard to display?

Toshiba Laptop Batteries from Canada.

I guess that original inverters for this model had a defect and Toshiba had to modify them somehow to prevent the backlight failure. Try to upgrade or re-flash the BIOS. But as far as the bios toshiba satellite m45 s165 I would like to check it out before I order a new one. But yesterday, when I tried to connect with my external hard drive, it happeded again. Is there any possibility that it will recharge? My lap-top is used as a desk top PC, so I am not sure what is causing these issues!

Toshiba satellite m45 s165 19, at 5: August 31, at 6: I cannot find the battery anywhere. Lid close switch does nothing…no flickering.

My laptop hp dm3 entertainment keep making a beeping noise not from toshiba satellite m45 s165 speakers at random times. I hooked it up to a desktop monitor and the display is fine. I first unplugged the power connector toshoba 15 seconds.

Is there some another problem inside my notebook that is damaging the inverter?

What if the inverter is good, the cable is good sateloite the screen is good but something wrong with a circuit that provides power for FL inverter? May 1, at After that you just plug it back into toshiba satellite m45 s165 inverter board.

I have tried charging it, updating the BIOS, all kinds of other possibilities, but to no avail — battery errors keep coming.

If you cannot get any video on the external monitor, apparently there is no video signal coming from the motherboard. Hey Mike, Toshiba satellite m45 s165 a power problem will not affect the display. After reassembling the display, I was delighted to find that everything booted normal once again.

TOSHIBA PA-1650-21ノートPC用ACアダプター

Frank, I think either the LCD screen itself or the video cable sztellite bad. There is a very good chance that a new inverter will fix your sztellite problem but not reddish hue. Luckily, both parts — the video cable and the inverter board are not expensive. Carefully read instructions before attempt to upgrade the BIOS. I used the Windows-based flash — is that the same as a floppy-disk based or would the latter be worth trying as well? In some laptops the CMOS battery is hidden under toshiba satellite m45 s165 keyboard.

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I cannot toshiba satellite m45 s165 the password. After the repair was done, the laptop came back with a clear screen, but with uneven lighting — there was a bit of backlight bleeding on the lower edge of the screen. No backlight activity when sqtellite the suspend swith on board. At that point I not sure if the new inverter is bad too, or the problem is inside the LCD.

A couple of weeks ago appeared a cyan vertical line on my screen from top to the bottom. I have a HP pavilion zv and my display is showing green where s156 should be and red where black should be. Some problems are very weird! December 31, at 3: Prior to all this happening, the laptop had been running on battery for quite awhile, so the power level was way down. I took this laptop to a laptop repair shop and they previously told me that it was a mother board issue which would have been too costly for me to fix.

It looks like Toshiba new about FL inverter toshiba satellite m45 s165 issue in this model for a while and even was replacing inverters on out of warranty laptops until May 4, Toshiba satellite m45 s165 i depress and release lid close switch the screen toshiba satellite m45 s165 back on but then goes back to faint after a few seconds again so i know the lid close switch seems to be working ok. The LCD screen is bad itself, the video cable is bad or the connection between the cable and the screen is loose.

F2 key method Turn the computer on. You should go toshiba satellite m45 s165 a dedicated video memory if you are looking for performance gaming laptops. Can this be the reason safellite rtc has gone sour on me so fast?! The repair manual says it needs a board. I then unpluged wall power, then unplugged the bios battery connector for 3 minutes.

When it does start up there m5 to be a reddish hue to the screen for a moment. You can find the switch close to the LCD screen hinges and in most cases it looks like a little plastic pin.

What must i do?