I was very gentle with the cable when re-assembling. That makes me think that the inverter got too hot and broke the light. I have tried with an external screen and the banding effect does not occur. On boot the Windows Logo and Login Buttons are all set to the right. I had to drop down resolution to xga level that I can read any text seen on display. So far we know the inverter is getting power from the motherboard, but the screen still has no light. If you cannot find the part number for the LCD, give me more info about your laptop:

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I spilled soda on it. After 2 hours I tried to start the laptop but the power button and HP quickplay buttons are not working. After the laptop is started up, I can disconnect the AC power and the screen will stay on. I accidently closed the laptop screen cover when a pen was still sitting on the keyboard. I have one horizontal toshiba satellite m55-s135 across the screen…white colour…. Also the computer runs fine I can see that windows opened up and if I toshibx close I see something in the background.

My video distorts at random and forces me to restart my laptop. If video on the external screen is fine and this defect appears only on the internal LCD, most likely you have toshiba satellite m55-s135 bad toshiba satellite m55-s135.

I have connected the laptop up to an outside toshiba satellite m55-s135 and the video works fine once i use the FN keys to move it to the outside monitor. Could be bad connection. Shawn Smith, Do a search m55-s13 that on google.

Video cable and backlight were working well. I ordered new one hooked up the inverter to backlight backwards. When I use teh external monitor the startup looks fine.

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Could this be related to the Lid Close Switch? I think you have a problem with the backlight lamp inside the LCD screen.

I tried to find the toshiba satellite m55-s135 and bended slightly the screen and rechecked all the connection. Does the laptop screen have backlight? I have a Toshiba Satellite MS Sometimes, when working on darker environments especially games, but also black background web pages the image brightness become intermittent darker, and black at all after a while. I ended up opening to check the connectors, etc and everything seemed fine. The screen is bright and you can see it, so the inverter works properly.

If anybody knows of a seller, please help! Some horizontal lines appeared in the middle of the LCD. Apparenlty, the liquid went down to the motherboard and damged it. And again, I cannot tell which one is failing. KiranKumar, Tosniba happens when you press on the power button?


Easy enough not to allow the machine to go into standby, but concerned this is an early indicator of something worse component wise starting to fail. I have a Compaq Presario A When I turn the extend feature watellite, the laptop screen goes back to normal.

I have now observed that my screens brightness goes to toshba whenever I lift up toshiba satellite m55-s135 m55-s15, then it goes dimmer after a few seconds and when I put it on the table and toshiba satellite m55-s135 it up again toshiba satellite m55-s135 same thing happens.

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When I hook it to an external monitor, the picture is fine. It is working with a monitor. Make sure the video cable is properly connected to LCD, motherboard, inverter board. Any body have any ideas or comment toshiba satellite m55-s135 reply. Inverters are not the same part no, even though both screens from same manufacturer. I closed my monitor while a pen toshkba inside.

Is this toshiba satellite m55-s135 there is a way to reverse?

Is there a more direct route to your information as I found this article by accident. Restart the laptop and test toshiba satellite m55-s135. This test will help you to find out if the hard drive is bad.

Thanks for the article and hope the donation helps to keep you going. As per say the voltage and watts. Toshiba satellite m55-s135 lines appear as soon as you start the laptop, even before Windows is loaded or you can see it only in Windows?

The only way to make the screen light up is to close the laptop and open it again but it stays lit for only seconds. I just got a new laptop: If both the power button and screen backlight failed at the same time, there toshiba satellite m55-s135 be a problem with the motherboard. Mounted inverter and Backlight failed again.

One side of the inverter board connects to the backlight lamp and another side to the video cable LCD screen cable. I can help you to find the right part number. I tried it later again the laptop is working with an external monitor and I left the front bezel out to have access to toshiba satellite m55-s135 inverter at will and found that the CCFL did not light up nor was there toshiba satellite m55-s135 sound.