Downloaded and used GSmartControl. The second is that the format always fails. As its Being write protected. I really appreciate it. Mass Storage Device Revision: Kindly please help me. I have several years worth of photos on this external drive.

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Hi, I installed windows 7 professional newly in my new laptop…DVD drive is recognizing but pen-drive is not recognizable… Can any one help me. Inshallah you will get transcend jf v30 16gb results.

Please advise me to put it in working condition. I tried all three methods listed above. Moreover I checked out disk management. I expect another transcned disk to arrive tomorrow and this will give me enough space to begin 166gb the files to. Even ran the HDDscan app and the S. But anyway, thank you very much for helping me, and sorry transcend jf v30 16gb taking your time.

I run their scan again and then when it was transcend jf v30 16gb i saw even more files. Now it wants to know where to copy the file to. As its Being write protected.

Derry November 25, at 2: Thank you for the response,James. It only gives me the option to quicksearch and stuffs.

usb drive not detected | pen drive not detected | pen drive problem | drive letter

HI,i cant find a portable drive at disk managenent. Thank you so much!!

Hi, I have a 4GBmy pen drive is not showing any files or folder. Anonymous January 7, at 3: I will be glad if you have one.

JetFlash Online Recovery – Repair your Transcend USB Drives for free – AgniPulse

Hi I try to repair my flash disk but still no luck. I bought transcend jf v30 16gb us data recovery and i was able to retrieve some files bit not all of them. I try all of this but it failed pls help me! I am a Linux only user. Especially if there are any issues that were not detected by the stuff you did with SeaTools.


Now reboot… STEP 4: That is why you should recover important files before trying chkdsk. The above two steps will solve the problem.

JetFlash Online Recovery – Repair your Transcend USB Drives for free

I have been been applied all above methods but problem is same. Sir I just transcend jf v30 16gb bought a data cable for my phone. If the problem with the drive is not simply a logical error but is a manifestation of physical damage then trancsend more you use it and try to repair, the worse the damage may become.

Ttanscend flash drive 8gb has serious problems but using the online recovery it is corrected.

AlcorMP (090227) AU698X, AU3150X

My pen drive was write protected and could not use for more than 1 week. I still face the same problem. This is my first problem.

Dear Ashraaf Muhammed, could you help me?! Please state your question succinctly without any links or references to other web sites.