Support XMP version 1. Add PCIE base detect option. Retrieved from ” https: Seulement il n’y a que un seul utilisateur: Display MAC address information for Ethernet devices. Fix USB info device description. Motherboard manufacturers were able to replace the SB southbridge with the M southbridge from ULi for more versatile configuration, as well as avoiding the frequently criticized USB performance issues with ATI southbridges.

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Support ICH10 Smbus controller. Display MAC address information for Ethernet devices. Fix kli line script issue. A propos du sujet Utilisateur s parcourant ce sujet il y a actuellement 1 uli m1573 southbridge chipset s parcourant ce sujet.

Write function may fail after switching the display mode to Word or Dword. Support SMBus function on chipset: Load saved data file will blank out SMBus device.

Modify this help file. Add RW Website http: Display binary data in option ROM function. Maintenant va dans Controleur audio, video et jeu.

Add SMBus Word souyhbridge support. Find text function may get violation error. Modify all Save to file function, add summary information if present. Bonjour, Regarde ce uli m1573 southbridge chipset Add decode SPD binary file.

Improve uli m1573 southbridge chipset up speed. Give warning if trying to over write saved file. PCI function bug fixed: LPT remote access fail if refresh set to enable on multi-function mode. Add PCI resource summary information. Add access width control.

Modify startup logo Win, WinXP only. Modify SMBus sub-function, inculde byte and block access mode. BSWAP — changes byte order southbdidge big endian to little endian or vice versa.


Double click at data grid window causes exception error. Make modification and correction on this help file. This page was last edited on 18 Septemberat Support XMP version 1.

Add switch in RW.

Xpress 200

Support SPD write function. Modify disk access function. If any user term method name also used as name uli m1573 southbridge chipset in different scope, southbrldge will treat all name string as method term, so that AML decoding may get unpredictable result.

CondRefOf accepts SuperName object as first argument only. Fix ACPI treeview search function issue: Fix option rom save to file function. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Xpress – Wikipedia

Motherboard chipsets List of AMD chipsets. Ca parait peut etre compliquer, mais c’est assez simple. According to ACPI spec. Fix debug mode cannot generate AcpiTbls.

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Add Embedded Controller function: Support BayTrail smbus controller. Save the setting when receiving query end session message. Increase the input buffer size to improve remote COM port debug function.