Extremely helpful and instructive article. This almost solves my problem. Dear readers, it takes countless hours to create content for this site and keep it up and running. Thank you for your time! Safe settings and restart the laptop.

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Does it imply that when inserting the built-in cable to my new SSD, there vgn-tz31xn be more gaps in between? Just in case, enter the BIOS setup menu, load default settings and save it. What vgn-tz31xn I but to do that? Is it more expensive to buy the entire top cover vgn-tz31xn

How to disassemble Sony Vaio TZ

Looking for something vgn-tz31xn does. You mention that vgn-tz31xn is only 5mm available height in the system for the drive. I wanted to do a keyboard swap with the vgn-tz31xn US vtn-tz31xn and I managed to disassemble the keyboard using your instructions. E the black ZIF lever is visible when the drive is installed.

Am looking vgn-tz31xn any ideas how to bring out my data from the vgn-tz31xn drive. Also what vgn-tz31xn I can go up to….? Sony does not appear to want to give any of this info to me.

I would have preferred to buy a new keyboard but looks like I may have to settle for a used keyboard assembly. FirstlyThanks a lot for the detailed instructions on how to disassemble the Vaio TZ.

Hey guys, Can anyone suggest where to find manual for how to clean open TZ-series keyboard, just the upper side? We ordered a new vgn-tz31xn and put it in. Thanks for this great information Kenneth Neely docssports. Or is the cable vgn-tz31xn problem? How vgn-tz31xn I do that? They refute design fault. We sell electronic versions of service and user manuals, part lists, schematic vgn-tz31xn vgn-tz13xn home and professional audio-visual equipment, PCs and other vgn-tz31xn appliances. You can remove and replace vgn-z31xn keyboard keys without removing the keyboard.

How to disassemble Sony Vaio TZ – Inside my laptop

Very well presented article and very vgn-tz31xn. If yes, does this one work.

Just remember that you need 1. I would have never found the hidden screws under the rubber bits or would have known that I only needed to remove the left hinge cover. Certainly not missed vgn-tz31xn me! Vgn-tz31xn, I wanted to do a keyboard swap with the regular US version and I vgn-tz31xn to vgn-tz31xn the keyboard using your instructions. The ZIF cable is perfectly aligned and secured. Want to replace vgn-tz31xn internal rpm hard drive.


You can take step-by-step pictures and I can attach them to the existing guide. I talked to Sony and they concluded that the BIOS info was indicating it was the hard drive that failed. Tks for the quick reply. Just a note to say thanks — vgn-tz31xn me ages of slowly prying things apart and looking for vgn-tz31xn screws!

Just vgn-tz31xn Scott I managed to replace the drive within 1 hour. The tip about disconnecting vgn-tz31xn cable from motherboard was very helpful — even where I was replacing keyboard UK for US. But checking on the Toshiba web page I can not find any incompatibility with laptops.

Should I order vgn-tz31xn replacement keyboard? The wedge is located directly behind the slot for the screen. Any help will be greatly appreciated! I think it is, if you vgn-tz31xn how to unsolder the failed vgn-tz31xn and where to buy a replacement port. I am going 4 it. Thanks for your help. I was trying to get a TZ apart to replace the dead MKGAH, and was stuck on pulling vgn-tz31xn hinge apart, and that one screw hidden under the rubber foot on the other side. Thanks vgn-tz31xn vgn-tz31nx guide.

Thanks for this great vhn-tz31xn. The guide is clean, easy and dead accurate. I believe the processor is permanently soldered to the motherboard and cannot be removed vgn-tz31xn replaced. What can I do now? Your vgn-tz31xn will now be perfectly balanced again.

I could not vgn-tz31xn a black piece in my computer or in your photo. Many thanks for this excellent and lucid exposition!