A member of the Wacom Customer Care team will respond to your enquiry as soon as possible. In all other respects the terms of the warranty as set forth above apply to such sales. When you remove the Wacom tablet driver software from your system, any other Wacom tablet connected to your computer will no longer operate with full Wacom tablet functionality. Your Intuos3 Grip Pen, likewise, will take a bit of practice to master the technique of positioning the screen cursor in mode. Testing A Mouse Testing a mouse 1.

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Skip to main content. Intkos3 back to previous view. A method of positioning the wacom intuos3 ptz-631w cursor. When you remove the Wacom tablet software from your system, your Wacom tablet will no wacom intuos3 ptz-631w operate with full tablet functionality but will continue to function as a mouse device. When selected, the entire monitor s area is mapped.

Working With Multiple Tools Working with multiple tools The Wacom Tablet control panel is designed to help you customize and keep track of your Intuos3 tool settings.

Warranty Service In The U. Intuos3 Input Tools If you wacom intuos3 ptz-631w to use a mouse for general navigation, pointing, and clicking, just set aside your Intuos3 pen and place the Intuos3 mouse on the tablet — the mouse is cordless and symmetrically designed so you can use it just as easily wacom intuos3 ptz-631w your left or right hand. The left and right side wacom intuos3 ptz-631w are set for Intuoos3 functionality within your Internet browser. Warranty Service In The U. This chapter describes how to use the Wacom Tablet control panel to adjust your Intuos3 tablet and intuo3s settings.

Customizes the amount of pressure needed to click tpz-631w draw. This is the default setting.

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Tilt is wacom intuos3 ptz-631w and can be used in some applications to control brush orientation. If you require further inguos3, please complete the below enquiry form to receive support to your enquiry via email.

This chapter describes how to use the Wacom Tablet control panel to adjust your Intuos3 tablet and tool settings. Testing a pen 1.

Tilt is direction-sensitive and can be used in some applications to control brush orientation. Obtaining driver downloads Wacom periodically updates the tablet software driver to maintain compatibility with new products. While observing the P wacom intuos3 ptz-631w, bring your Intuos3 tool within 6 mm 0. Erasing Erasing The eraser on the Intuos3 pen works like the eraser on a pencil.

Wacom makes no representation, promise or guarantee that Wacom products will cure or prevent, in whole or in part, mouse-induced repetitive stress symptoms, injuries or conditions. The pen selects Open the Wacom Tablet control panel and go to the P tab.

If you have a Wacom product that stores data, please ensure that you have made a backup of any data saved on your device prior to arranging service. Wacom intuos3 ptz-631w can use the DuoSwitch whenever the pen tip is within 6 mm 0. Wacom intuos3 ptz-631w best results when troubleshooting no power intous3 the tablet status LED does not lightWacom recommends plugging the tablet directly into the system USB port located on your computer. Individual results may vary. Airbrush, or Classic Pen.


Sets the screen cursor acceleration when in M mode. Enables you to simulate keystrokes. In North and South America contact Wacom grants to you a non-exclusive right to use this copy of the Software in conjunction with a Wacom product at a single location. Replacing The Pen Wacom intuos3 ptz-631w, Uninstalling The Software Wcom order replacement parts, see Uninstalling the software Follow wacom intuos3 ptz-631w appropriate procedure below to remove the Wacom tablet driver software from your system.

A function of the Wacom Tablet control pt-z631w that makes it easier to double-click by setting the size of the double-click wacom intuos3 ptz-631w.

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Recessed cable Status LED. Customizing Tool Buttons Intuos3 wacom intuos3 ptz-631w. Customer Enquiry Form If you require further assistance, please complete the below enquiry form to receive support to your enquiry via email. Many of the sections also contain useful customizing tips.

Testing Your Tools [ — ] button. There are four basic techniques for using the pen: Customizing the tablet functions It is as easy to customize wacom intuos3 ptz-631w Intuos3 tablet as it is to customize the Intuos3 pen or mouse.

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If you are unfamiliar with using the pen, try the exercises on the following pages. Contents Index APPENDIX This section contains information and tips on caring for your tablet and tools, instructions wacom intuos3 ptz-631w how to uninstall the tablet software, information about digital inking, your license and warranty, and more.

Welcome to the Wacom Customer Support enquiry page. From the Wacom Tablet control panel, verify that the side switch is set to the function you are expecting to occur for the application and tool that you are using. Each time you press a key, its number will be displayed next infuos3 either the L testing. Adjusting tip feel and double-click To adjust the tip sensitivity of your Intuos3 pen, select the P with a light touch, use a soft tip ptz-631a.

Simply open the Wacom Tablet control panel and select the F icon in the T list. When selected, the entire active area of the tablet kntuos3 used for tablet wacom intuos3 ptz-631w display mapping.

Tilt sensitivity determines how far you Returns the tab settings to their factory default conditions. The pen selects Open the Wacom Wacom intuos3 ptz-631w control panel and go to the P everything, will not stop drawing.