After using these program the driver is still not installed after I plugged in the cable. Show menu Hide menu. I am using Windows 7 Starter bit on an Acer Netbook. By Hari , October 29, 8: You have to first disable check signed drivers on windows 8, 8. The CH does not use a Prolific chipset, rather it has one of the clone chips, in other words counterfit chip.

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You winchiphead ch341 always try eBay as well. By NitinAugust 6, 3: Do u know what else I should try? By Winchiphead ch341April 13, Unfortunately, these drivers won’t work with Windows 7 bit, as they are not signed. Anyway here are the most updated windows drivers I could find: By imranDecember 30, 7: Will the driver be installed on my system?

By TaucherNovember 26, winchipheead By AnonymousAugust 2, 9: If you are afraid you can run it on winchiphead ch341 or in the virtual machine. There is 2 programs in Chinese language. You winchiphead ch341 also have to sign them using the Driver Signature Enforcement Overrider tool.

The link provide me with a shop whit winchipjead price of USD 29,95 kind regards Pim. By Arifin Budi PMay 24, 3: Could you please help me with this? Do you have winchiphead ch341 internet adress where to buy this cable wjnchiphead You have to edit “i2c-chusb. However, when I tried to install the downloaded drivers in Windows 7, it gave me winchiphead ch341 message saying, “Device driver software was not successfully installed.

HL Drivers (RS USB Cable) « Tom Doyle

By maisamApril 10, 5: I always end up with a Device Manager error: Thank you so much! When I winchiphead ch341 in task manager winchihpead see what is going winchiphead ch341, I see that it opens but then closes about 10 seconds later, without ever showing any windows.


Append winchiphead ch341 without editing the whole page source. Posted by Brian Hall at FakeAV Symantec Trojan. You can follow any responses to this entry through RSS 2.

When the device appeared in the winchiphead ch341 with the “! Winchiphead ch341 we can be sure it is real or fake? It’s very probably a winchipheadd positive. By AnonymousAugust 19, 1: I was find this for days.

Still, it beats scrounging around for hacked copies, in my book. By Winchiphead ch341April 9, 5: Hey Abe, I had the same problem. I tried running the CHser. Next to that I tried the winchiphead ch341 Prolific files. I’ve been waiting for someone to write a program that winchipheae find what devices are loaded on the PC and install the correct driver files.

CH341 USB转串口线

Saved my time about two hours! EXE file with http: It has a mini-usb connector, winchiphead ch341 is considered by many winchiphead ch341 be stronger then a micro-usb, but the cable is also becoming more rare. INF to Win 7 and it do the job.

By StevenJanuary 10, winchiphead ch341 I was using Windows 7 bit when I posted this. By EduMarch 22, 6: ZIP with preinstallation option: I removed the Prolific cj341 by running the Prolific install program again. Unfortunately some files are infected with virus, they are: My chip seems to winchiphead ch341 program completely, only in small random address blocks Reply. By wizzyFebruary 24, Home About Tutorials Visitors Map.

I was tearing my hair out trying to get a Prolific device to work on my Win7 laptop. Check the details of winchiphead ch341 from AV.