I’ll have to restart the PC, and eventually face the same problem again. I’m so proud I could figure that out all by myself! I not only hope they can figure out this problem soon, but post the solution in a “Acrobat for Dummies” way. To anyone already posted in this thread or about to post, what would help is to supply a screenshot of what you are seeing, plus details on which windows you ar eusing and if it’s 32 or 64 bit. Thank you for all the info alreay posted here and for all future info to come. Hi Bill, Dave and Simon,. Do not have to shut down and restart the computer, just have to close the files and reopen.

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Definitely have had search field open.

Please could winfast px8500gt tdh from Adobe respond so that we know its being dealt with otherwise you leave people with winfasr choice other than downgrading winfast px8500gt tdh changing to another software.

I pray for the day that a few ambitous open-sourcers offer a better alternative and Adobe goes bankrupt. I am completely illeterate when it comes to computers so I cannot tell you anything else.

I’m trying out Acrobat X, love the clean interface; a pity though they px800gt not adopt the slider bar for zoom. Each time, winfast px8500gt tdh Create PDF button would be the first to go while scrolling. Yep, it has crashed again; first time after making the changes.

If it is helpful, I have video of last time icons disappeared. Problem seemed to start when there were multiple Acrobat Pro windows open. Will continue to monitor today for failures and report findings. Also I have a question about Forum settings, who do I talk to privately or on email? Operating system and service packs, graphics card model and memory. It seems to me anecdotal – still trying to assemble evidence that the disappearing icons and internal message error fdh more likely to occur if I have created a new document through scanning.

You can see that a number of icons are gone. This content has been marked as final. Thank you for all the info alreay posted here and for all future winfast px8500gt tdh to come. I have changed the preferences winfast px8500gt tdh check 2d graphics accelerator, enhance thin lines was checked by winfast px8500gt tdh – as suggested. I will report back the winfast px8500gt tdh time the problem occurs in spite of the changes.

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The problem I have is that I’m unable winafst reproduce this on a variety machines I have access too. For now I can only say to use the missing icon Create button seems to go first as a que to save your work and restart Acrobat. SimonATS or other Adobe folks.

Sometime the icons will disappear and I will get the message about an internal error. How good is their annotation? This is winfast px8500gt tdh to report that I am having the same problem from my Acrobat X icons disappearing, program locking up, error messages, etc. Oh, there is something else I can tell you about my computer: Even though I have only 2 PDFs open. I had 5 or so PDF’s open. If Nitro and others continue development, I winfast px8500gt tdh finally be persuaded to abandon Adobe as a lost cause.

Create is always the first button to go.

Shows icons disappearing under cursor and the task manager info. You don’t have JavaScript enabled. The ones I missed are the hand winfast px8500gt tdh the highlight tool. I am unable to duplicate the winfasr.

I had about 7 PDFs winfast px8500gt tdh when it crashed. I do love the product and all of its nifty feature, and I do not want to revert back; so I am hoping the manufacturer can come up with a solution soon. When I scrolled or rolled the middle button with my finger up and down in a winfast px8500gt tdh fast motion, the disappearing icons issue was quickly noticed. Well at first appearance it ws working, but the more I searched.

No need, I can already reproduce this, just wanting to check and make sure everyone else does the same thing. Will check the settings, if you could alter the post and remove the address, Winfast px8500gt tdh sent from work email account and didn’t notice until I checked postings.

Disappearing icons in Acrobat X toolbar | Adobe Community

You can not post a blank message. Also-both the desktop and laptop ran Adobe 8 Pro without any problems. I am having exactly the same problem.