The thinner the face, the more the face can flex under any given clubhead speed. I would also tell you that the difference after doing this is not significant. Semi-shallow face height of 33mm with square angle. Then nickel chrome-plated for the lowest friction level of any putter face. We just decided the demand for a non conforming driver head was not enough to justify keeping the model active. I bought this OL driver and happy with it.

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Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Wishon head wishon 959ol included. Wishon 959ol original game improvement cast stainless steel design. I brought this club head into wishln shop thinking I would sell it someone.

I am hoping they are still available for purchase directly or from a clubfitter. The model of this set is: See each listing for international shipping options and costs.

Again, zero roll flat from top to bottom face for more consistent launch angles. TWGT high launch or other quality graphite shafts are recommended. Forged with a 5 step process using soft carbon wishon 959ol for a desired soft feel.

Stronger lofts to prevent “ballooning shots”. I have been playing with this model for years and I wish you would reintroduce it in your line up. A superb option for the wushon golfer who needs more control off the tee on tight wihson, more distance for long second shots or a smaller size driver head.

Custom fitted with wishon 959ol shaft and grip options. James August wishon 959ol, Forged high-strength steel cup face wishon 959ol the smash factor not found in most other fairway woods.

OL High Launch Driver | Wishon Golf (operated by Diamond Golf International Ltd)

Adam April 30, You can also subscribe without commenting. Your email address will not be published. Grooves are in excellent condition. I can tell you that the main reason we dropped the OL non conforming driver was because I began to detect that its presence in our product line was causing a negative feedback from enough traditionalists wishon 959ol their reaction was to look at us as a company as encouraging cheating.

We did clearly state wishon 959ol the catalog that the was non conforming to the COR rule and it should not be played in competition. Finished in a brilliant deep red claret with bright satin polish wishon 959ol glass bead blast highlights.


Medium large heads with thin top line.

Wishon 959ol me of followup comments via e-mail. Only dishon set remains. PW and GW are cavity back 959oll hybrid style. By far the most yardage improvement of any driver I fit for…. Jerry K October 6, Any mix of muscle and cavity style can be ordered. Love the Driver!!! Full radius round head wishon 959ol shape with a symmetrical face profile to allow the face design to approach an wishon 959ol COR of nearly 0.

959OL High Launch Driver

The S2S graphite shafts are a light 64 grams with wishon 959ol ki Tom Wishon January wishob, Club head is great looking and plays well. During the time wishoj had that model, we did get a pretty fair number dishon comments and emails wishon 959ol that effect.

All my golf buddies ask me the same question. Wishon 959ol thickness face for increased off-center distance wishon 959ol impact feel. Tom Wishon September 3, Tom Wishon August 22, Features a forged variable thickness SP Titanium face to ensure the max.

Offsets from 5mm to 3mm. A unique stainless steel hosel affords more lie and loft adjustments not found in most hybrids. Other shafts and grips available. Thin, high COR face design for maximum distance combines with CNC machined variable thickness construction for superb off center hit performance.

OL | Wishon Golf (operated by Diamond Golf International Ltd)

Brand new Wishon grip. Stepless Steel R Shaft. I of course did this intentionally because Wishon 959ol felt that there were some players who had been losing distance due wishon 959ol age or injury but who played strictly for fun and not in formal competitions conducted under the rules of golf.