Circular grid in plastic. Die casting of the luminaire housing in aluminium. Driver and light regulation: Luminaire with downlight supplied with 1 spring return push button. Programmable driver that allows functions such as DALI and night dimming. Shades and decorative rings are ordered as accessories and are available in the following colours:

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Philips Advance Xitanium LED Driver Literature – Philips Lighting

The customised luminaries are dressed in black and white birch veneer, and the uplight and downlight can be changed as desired or according to the season. Compatible with a variety of dimmers see dimmer xitanium programmable led below. Riff Cone, Puck and Bowl in three different sizes. Cloakroom, group study room. Dust protection LED module in clear acrylic glass. The pendant lamp Dragonfly, in the wooden room that shares the same name. Ogle Mini Tube Pendant. Set value is retained after xitanium programmable led failure.

LED light source, colour temperature K.

Linx – Stolpe

Added with die cast metal edge lacquered in black or white with mounted opal conical glass shade. Today, all the variations of Time are equipped with the latest LED technology. Bumling, Supertube, Xitanium programmable led, Knubbling and others, became well renowned lamps in homes and public spaces. When installing in soft suspended ceiling, an installation plate must be used see accessories. Hue The amazing way to control every hue bulb in your home.

The proggrammable housing is installed on an arm, see accessories, for mounting on wall. InteGrade High Flux commercial leaflet 1. Time Xitanium programmable led recessed double length. Shade in opal acrylic and aluminium. Body in extruded aluminium, end panels in cast aluminium.

Go to the tool. Luminaire housing made of cast aluminium. For mounting on 48 mm lamp post arms. Symmetrical circular light pattern.

Other system variations supplied with integrated quick connectors at each end for xitanium programmable led and easy installation. Product portfolio information 1. DALI regulate the light with amplitude modulation creating a flicker-free light. Xitanium LED Drivers for outdoor applications offered xitanium programmable led three main categories: Other details hand-made with antique green paint finish.


This can transform the Airway system from a neutral system to a uniquely decorative system, without limitations. Manual dimmer on lamp foot. Top of luminaire in cast aluminium. Luminaire body and connection to lamp xitanium programmable led in cast aluminium. The luminaire is purchased on separate article numbers and assembled with the required accessories order separately, see the article list with accessories.

Rated lifetime LED module: Mounting springs designed for ceiling thicknesses up to 55 mm. Pendants and hanging rods in different lengths allow the construction of cluster formations. Other colours can be supplied on request.

Halo Post and Suspended. COB based module in combination with diffusers which creates well-balanced lighting.

Pendant suspension in aluminium. The luminaire comes with a xitanium programmable led cold cathode lamp which generates a warm and ped light.

The luminaires harmonise the bridge design and the light welcomes people to the area. Xitanium programmable led with ballast with plug-in for direct connection to outlets. Riff Puck Pendant and Cobbler Pendant. These are ordered from the man- ufacturer of the ceiling tiles or cut by the ceiling contractor. Anders Pehrson and his white-painted lamps on their way to the Olympic village.

Shade in impact-resistant acrylic. Aluminium frame the galvanized zinc coating or programmablf finish.

Presence and absence detection with the possibility to control the detection area is available on request. End caps in cast aluminium.